The Taft Poem
A poem about moving to The Taft in 2001

"The Taft", Wolseley Bridge, Stafford ST17
On the eastern side of Cannock Chase
We have found our brand new base.
Peter retires in two thousand and three
And in a narrow boat we'll turn the key
Off around the canals to go
Enjoying the lovely views so slow.

"The Taft" is our chosen place
On the eastern side of Cannock Chase.
The Trent & Mersey Canal will flow.
Right beside the bungalow.
At the bottom of the garden will float
Many ducks and our narrow boat.

My father we very much hope,
Will enjoy the place and cope
With living near to Cannock Chase
In such a very lovely place.
In a cosy cottage he will be
With lots of birds for him to see.

For Peter there is much in store
With varied cycling rides galore
On the eastern side of Cannock Chase
There are plenty of paths where he can race,
Through field and forest, high and low
Peter and his bike will go.

Julie will enjoy the view
And no doubt paint it too
Whilst sitting under the willow tree
Drinking Twinning's finest tea.
In the Summer House she'll lie,
Waving as the boats go by.

Our little dog, whose name is Fable,
May steal the food from the bird table,
And in the garden she will play
In her own special way.
Along the tow-path she will run
Having lots of watery fun.

"The Taft" which means 'a clearing'
Is quintessentially endearing.
So please note our new address,
Which is "The Taft" - and no less
Wolseley Bridge, Stafford will be our new home
01889 881326 to reach us by phone.

Julie and Peter Thorn




The Blue Door (BCF) Poem

An invitation to Boaters Christian Fellowship members on the Trent & Mersey Canal


Through the blue door
A cloakroom and more
Steer for the B.C.F. sign
Near T&M bridge 69
‘The Taft’ is the name
And to help is our aim.

So make time to allow
For a lovely hot shower
Put your clothes to clean
In our washing machine
And when home then tea
With hosts Peter and Julie

Yes it’s all free
We’d love you to see
We’d like you to moor
And have a good jaw
Of boats and things
And Christ the King.

If we’re on ‘Maid of Oak’
Your clothes can still soak
Or if we’re out for the day
You are most welcome to stay.
So beside the landing-stage do moor
On the left is the SOLID blue door.

   by Julie Thorn